How to Treat Dead Skin at Home with less Money

“I decided to try your product and Wow! I have 2 very rough areas on my foot that I could not get rid of even after trying many products and files. Your soap has worked the best! These areas are much smoother and have not looked or felt this good for many years. This is a great product and use mine often” Laurel, Akron, OH

“I love the face bar because it’s such a gently exfoliating cleanser unlike others I’ve tried that roughed up my sensitive skin. I also appreciate that the Nutt So Ruff products are so reasonably priced. Thanks!”
Karen A., Cleveland, OH

“I love the Nutt So Ruff bars. The face and body bars help with maintaining smoothness and the foot bar keeps my feet, especially my heels, soft and maintained as well. I used the bars daily when I first got them and now only need to use them twice a week. Great product!” MJL, Cleveland, OH

“I love the exfoliating bar from nuttsoruff! It makes my skin feel so soft, and I love knowing that there’s natural ingredients used it’s my “go to” exfoliator!”

Megan L., Fairview Park, OH

“I love this Nutt So Ruff stuff!”

Jessica, Elyria, OH

Kendra testimonial

“I just want to thank you so much for the soap it helped with my self-esteem.  I suffered from acne since 11 years old and I am 23 soon 24 in march.  I never been so happy to go out in public and be around people without panicking if they are staring at my acne. I am sooooo happy to run across your product and would definitley recommend this to anyone who suffers from acne…

Thank you and god bless”

Danielle G., Chicago Ridge, IL

“Really helped me with my acne scars.  I couldn’t believe it.”

Karen S., Rocklin, CA

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Why do you need Nutt So Ruff?

Patent # 7,919,443

  • Fact: skin needs and deserves something that works just as hard as it does.
  • Nutt So Ruff is a special blend of natural exfoliants that has received a rare US patent because of it. The key ingredients of these bars are all natural, making the bars truly effective and it was the concentration of these core ingredients that made our bars stand apart from the rest and the reason why we were awarded the US patent
  • You tried everything else but nothing with this many effective beauty ingredients.
  • No peanuts / no shells / only the best fresh and natural ingredients.
  • Specially designed for YOUR skin type. Glycerin infused with pure ingredients like almonds & oats…

Beauty lies from within and we will prove it! If you don’t like the way you look, we will bring out your natural beauty buried under all that dead skin. It doesn’t matter what other products you use or how much you overpaid for them, if you’re not using Nutt so Ruff you are just cleaning and polishing DEAD skin. Even animals know that they must shed their skin to look better and thrive. So remember Peal and Reveal!!

This new / revolutionary beauty bar was inspired by people who actually needed it and still use it regularly since it was first produced. And of course Nutt So Ruff was human tested (on ourselves) – not animal tested or by a group of chemists and some nervous test subjects.

Nutt So Ruff has benefit agents that meets and exceeds the needs of all / any skin type.

What skin type are you?

  • If your skin flakes all day every day, you have dry skin.
  • Or, maybe you have dry skin on your cheeks but you have an oily shine on your forehead, nose and chin; if so, this is combination skin.
  • Obviously, if you feel oily all over, you have oily skin.
  • If you easily get redness and irritation, you have sensitive skin.
  • And, if you have none of the above most of the time, you have normal skin – congratulations, you are one of the few!!!
  • Regardless of your skin type we have the bar that’s right for you.

If you are still asking yourself, “What skin type do I have”, there are simple tests you can do to test for skin type. Use a tissue and blot your face in several areas, looking at the tissue each time. If you blot your entire face and there are no spots on the tissue and your face feels dry, you have dry skin. If you blot your skin and you have oily spots on the tissue from your forehead, nose and chin – you have combination skin. But, if you only have a small amount of oil, in these areas, you probably have normal skin.

Our selection guide makes it easy for you to choose the right bar.

This guide will show you which bar is right for your skin type so you know how to treat dead skin – because we all have dead skin that we need to take care of and get rid of if we want that beautiful skin. Nutt So Ruff will allow you to exfoliate at home in private and on your own time. How many dollars have you wasted with unsatisfactory results that left you wanting more? How important is beautiful skin to you, really? Nutt So ruff is very unlike other home exfoliators that require you to continually add more and more like other gel-type exfoliators that drip off your hands and skin. Other products that appear less expensive are actually much more expensive because of ineffective usage application.

Our special suspension soap ensures that key ingredients will remain intact for your future usage which gives you a long lasting beauty bar – the Nutt So Ruff bar should last up to 5 times longer than other exfoliators on the market today. One of the longest lasting beauty aids on the market.

Why bar form?
• Lasts longer – should last up to 5 times longer than traditional beauty bars.
• Better contact base – covers more area.
• Better control pressure of exfoliation.
• Doesn’t dissipate in your hands in seconds like other home exfoliators – that means less waste and more use which translates into more money saved for you!

Skin needs it so which one would you choose?

Soothe your mind and smooth your skin.
Priceless beauty at an affordable price!
Great feeling / looking skin because you deserve it!

Purchase your bar today!

Face Scrub

Body Scrub

Foot Scrub

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Note: all our exfoliators contain natural ingredients, including nuts. However, NO peanuts are used. Our products contain no animal fats or oils, no ethyl or methyl alcohol and no colorants or fragrance. We do not test our products on animals.

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